Piano lessons for beginners can be a tough thing to come by. There’s so much to consider when taking up the piano for the first time.

First off this is an investment, in time and money. Make sure that you are ready to make a commitment to study and practice. The piano is a beautiful musical instrument and you will have to give it some dedication before you are playing your first melody.

Finding a Private Piano Instructor

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Trying to find a piano instructor is a tough job. Just open your phone book and it is either feast or famine. Where do you begin looking, how do you know how to go with?

Many people spend time conducting interviews with different instructors. They end up doing hours and hours of phone calls and legwork only to feel frustrated and give up.

Others don’t do any research at all and just pick one at random, guaranteeing hours of frustration working with an instructor who is not meshing well.

The best strategy for finding a piano instructor is by referral.

Go to your local music shop and ask around. Once you find a suitable teacher get down to business and ask them some specifics.

Ask them what will be required of you for the lessons. Ask them how long these piano lessons for beginners will be, how many days a week and whether their will be recitals. The instructor may or may not require you to buy a piano primer.

Find out what their credentials are and if they have any references. This will give you some insight on how effective they are at teaching piano. Make sure you are comfortable with their methods and what you can expect in your lessons.

After you get the preliminaries out of the way, get down to the nitty-gritty and ask about price. Don’t be shy when it comes to negotiating a payment plan if you need one. Most music instructors are very flexible and will work with you on this.

Here are some basics you’ll have to master when you start playing.

Finding Instruction Online

The internet is awash is gimmicky music programs that promise to teach you music in seconds. Just like finding an instructor on-ground, finding online piano instruction can be a tall order. There is a strategy to follow that will help you find the best teaching method for you.

Typing in “learn to play the piano” will give your Google search a conniption fit. There are literally millions of systems out there trying to sell piano lessons for beginners. How can someone weed out the legitimate stuff from the scams?

Do your homework, find out some background information on the person offering the course.

If you can find a seasoned musician chances are that the quality of instruction will be higher than if you just found someone who’s figured out some tricks. Does the online instruction come with video, or audio to guide you along?

Shortcuts are nice to learn, but to truly understand how to play piano you will have to learn the basics. Having a couple of nifty tricks is fun but they won’t help you learn how to play Beethoven. Be sure that you will be receiving a solid foundation in musical theory along with any tips and tricks.

If the instruction is solid and the teacher meets your standards, ask for some references. Find out more information from others who have taken the course. Chances are that if the instructor won’t give your references than it’s a scam!

Get your money’s worth!

Some instructors specialize in certain types of playing, like Mark Miller, who is a jazz piano specialist and even teaches blind and one handed students.

Piano lessons for beginners is a process, there will be time invested into learning the ropes. Taking a piano course online allows you to learn at your own pace so have fun with it.

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Key Signatures – A Beginner’s Lesson…

by Tania Gleaves on October 19, 2014

What Determines The Quality And Quantity Of A Song’s Notes

When watching musicians play piano, you may see them refer to a piece of music in the key of “A” or “C.” These letters refer to the key that the music is played in or its key signature. Key signatures are what determines the quality and quantity of a song’s sharps and flats, and if you’ve spent any time playing scales, then you have a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about.

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When you’re asked to play a “C sharp” chord or “G flat” chord for example, you’re being asked to play a group of notes in a particular key. The root key is what determines the remaining keys in a chord and so it is with music. The key signature of a piece of music may be “C sharp” or “G flat” (or any other pitch) and that signature determines the remaining pitches throughout the entire song.

All Key Signatures Contain Sharps And Flats

Now except for the C Major key, all key signatures contain sharps and flats. Because music notation can be rather intricate and confusing — especially in difficult pieces — you won’t see the sharp or flat indicator next to each individual note. This would make sheet music difficult to write and read. Instead, writers use the key signature to indicate the sharps or flats of a note and it’s up to the pianist to know (memorize) those sharps and flats.

Those with Sharps:

  • The sharp in a G key signature is F#.
  • The sharps in a D key signature is F# and C#.
  • In an A key signature, they’re F#, C#, and G#.
  • In the key of E, they’re F#, C#, G#, and D#.
  • F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, and E# are played in an F# key signature
  • In the key of B, F#, C#, G#, D#, A#
  • While the entire group of F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, E#, and B# are played in a C# key signature.

key signature example 1 Key Signatures   A Beginners Lesson...

Csharp Key Signatures   A Beginners Lesson... Key Signature example on the Treble Staff…Apply to the same notes on the Bass staff

Those with Flats:

  • The flat in an F key signature is Bb.
  • The flats in a Bb key signature is Bb and Eb.
  • In an Eb key signature, they’re Bb, Eb, and Ab.
  • In the key of Ab, they’re Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db.
  • Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, and Gb are played in an Db key signature
  • While the entire group of Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, and Cb are played in a Gb key signature.
  • Can you tell what notes the Cb key signature indicates? Pat yourself on the back if you said Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Cb, and Fb.

key signature example 2 Key Signatures   A Beginners Lesson...

Cflat Key Signatures   A Beginners Lesson... Key Signature example on the Treble Staff…Apply to the same notes on the Bass staff

Position = Pitch

You can find the key signature of a song near the beginning of its notation — right after the clef. Pay close attention to where the sharp and flat signs are located because their positions indicate the proper tones of particular pitches. If you see a sharp sign in the space where the D note is played, that means that the D key will be a sharp D all throughout a song. If you see a flat sign on the line where the B key is played, that means the B key will be a flat B throughout the song as well. This pattern is of course repeated for each and every note.

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