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Basic Piano Lessons – Hmmm…Where Do We Begin?

by Tania Gleaves on July 21, 2014

What is the big dilemma?

There are more opportunities to learn basic piano lessons than ever before. And on one hand, this is a wonderful achievement since it increases the expose to a truly great medium. On the other hand, it can make finding appropriate lessons a bit more difficult than we’d like it to be. The breadth of the lessons available can make selections intimidating and if we’re not careful to fully investigate our options, we could make the mistake of selecting the wrong lessons and either hinder our progress or just give up altogether. So what can we do?

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We Have More Choices Than We Had In The Past

One important thing that we can do is first, decide what kind of music we want to play. In the past, the initial choice was always classical music because of its historical influence. Today however, we live in different times where traditional methods have been challenged and in some cases, disproved to have the impact or significance that we once believed they had.

Do you really want to play classical piano? Would you rather play jazz piano? Blues piano? Gospel piano? The choice is yours and whatever genre you chose, you can rest assured that there is plenty of instruction waiting for you. Interestingly, each of these styles begin with the basics.

Today, We Have A New Learning Environment Too

So your next decision is where to go through some basic piano lessons. Since we’ve quickly moved into a technological-based society, there’s no reason to ignore the opportunities that online lessons provide. Online lessons significantly differ from lessons with a private teacher, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t work. With a private teacher, you can get immediate feedback on your progress. Online, you’re only feedback is your own judgment and hopefully, some type of music that you can compare to your skills.

Which Teaching Methods Is Better? Private Or Online

In the latter approach, you’ll need to learn how to be brutally honest with yourself, because that’s the way that a private teacher would be to her student. A private teacher knows when to stop a student and correct him. Online however, there isn’t anyone around to stop you when you play out of tune or misinterpret a chord.

More Ways To Learn

Of course when it comes to learning the piano, you aren’t restricted to private lessons or online lessons. Beyond your basic piano lessons, you could for example, learn how to play piano through:

It’s All Up To You, Literally

In this situation, you really need to evaluate which learning method would be the most appropriate. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who carefully listens, studies, and learns on your own just fine. If so, then independent basic piano lessons would suit you perfectly. If not, then you should perhaps seek out private lessons that will gently guide you toward the path on which you want to travel as a pianist. Whichever route you choose, you want to be sure that you’re comfortable with your decision because learning the piano can be difficult enough without struggling with the method in which it’s taught!

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Top 4 Reasons to Learn to Play Piano

by Tania Gleaves on July 14, 2014

The Piano Has Its Own Unique Sound

One of top 4 reasons to learn to play piano is the unique sound it makes. No other instrument comes close to the type and quality of music generated by the piano, which consequently, is a good thing. High quality music requires that its instruments sound different from each other, yet synthesize in a pleasing way. That’s because when we take the opportunity to appreciate music, we’re really identifying the unique sounds of each instrument, and we’re enjoying (1) how each one of those sounds compliment other sounds, and (2) how each individual sound contributes to the entire song. If it weren’t for the unique sound of the piano, our music would literally change.

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The Piano Has An Outstanding Dynamic Range

Another reason to learn to play piano is for its dynamic range. The piano is known for its large range of soft and loud tones. Played with a combination of delicate touches and pedal-work, this instrument can whisper soft passages and gently tickle your music bone. Later, it can play as loud as an entire band and give the impression that a one-man show is actually an ensemble of accomplished musicians! Such a large range gives this instrument a unique ability to instill dramatic interpretations and experiences.

The Piano Has A Large Pitch Range

A third reason to learn the piano is its pitch range. With over 80 unique pitches, the piano offers one the largest range of notes. This gives its musicians quite a palette to paint with! The pitch range of other string instruments, such as the violin or cello, are somewhat limited when compared to the range of the piano. An expanded pitch range with these types of instruments is _possible_, but it’s not as readily available or accessible as it is on the piano. Only violinists with years of experience for example, can emulate the pitch range of a piano. Beginning pianists however, can enjoy this full scale of notes immediately.

The Piano Plays All Three Elements of Music

One more reason (but certainly not the last) is its versatility. No other instrument can play the melody, rhythm, AND harmony of a song at once. Only the piano is capable of playing all three elements of music and although they aren’t easy to learn at first, practicing how to play them together will propel your status from beginner to advanced. This is largely due to the fact that playing the melody, rhythm, and harmony of a song simultaneously portrays the illusion of multiple instruments and musicians, when in actuality, there’s only one genius behind the madness. And that genius is you!

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June 26, 2014

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