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rocket piano “The Ultimate Piano Learning Kit” – A Rocket Piano Review

Start playing the piano easily and effortlessly today!

2 “The Ultimate Piano Learning Kit” – A Rocket Piano Review

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There was a time when learning to play the piano has been a quite expensive undertaking. It’s true for some even up to now. Rocket Piano, also referred to as “the ultimate piano learning kit,” has revolutionized piano lessons and turned them into something more accessible, fun, unbelievably affordable, and efficient.

Hiring a personal piano tutor to come to your house every afternoon after school or work is absolutely needless, especially after the birth of online piano courses like Rocket Piano. Sure, there are many piano learning products available online you can choose from. Some you might have already tried, but failed to deliver what they promised.

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With all these products available in the market today, it can prove to be a tedious and even frustrating task to pick the best online piano tutorial program. Before coming across this Rocket Piano review, I’m sure you’ve had your share of some that just didn’t quite meet your expectations. After it all, you’re still looking for the ultimate piano learning program. Well, look no further.

With Rocket Piano, learning to play the piano has never been so easy, and when I say easy, I truly mean it. We have Ruth Searle, creator of this highly effective user-friendly piano learning program, to thank for.

Ruth Searle is not only an experienced piano player, but she has received extensive formal training and a Bachelor of Arts degree to boot, making her the credible, competent, and distinguished piano and keyboard teacher she is now. She came up with Rocket Piano to help us become piano experts in our own respects without having to invest a lot of money, or long periods of time even, on conventional piano lessons. Through the course, a truly dedicated Rocket Piano student will be able to learn how to read sheet music all on their own and even play the piano by ear, which proves to be such a hard thing to do without proper direction and guidance. Not only that, but you, as the student, will also have a deeper appreciation of piano music, helping you progress from beginner to an advanced piano player with such ease.

Rocket Piano is more than just text books and CDs you read and listen to. The full Rocket Piano package includes a variety of tools such as audio files, diagrams, easy to follow instructions, quick theory tutorials, interactive games, and other online resources. What’s great is that you get access to free lessons even before you actually sign up for the Rocket Piano online course.

Jam Tracks is another awesome feature of the Rocket Piano online course. Basically, it’s a series of audio tracks of bands you can play along to. It serves as good practice, but it also increases your overall musicality as you learn to appreciate other instruments and music as a whole. It certainly doesn’t end there. With Rocket Piano, you get even more perks, unique features, and helpful learning tools such as the Chordinator, Keycelerator, Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro, Rocket Piano Metronome, and the Jayde Musica Pro. You can learn more about each of these useful program bonuses when you visit the Rocket Piano website.

To wrap up this Piano Rocket review, it just has to be said that despite its overwhelmingly long list of product features and services, this online program is so easy to use and learn from. It’s all mapped out, organized, and presented in such a way that you get to start the program without any fuss. Plus, you have immediate access to the entire program.

Even the highest piano learning curves have nothing on the Rocket Piano online course. Regardless what your background is, you can easily learn the piano now and play like a pro in a relatively short period of time. It truly is the best deal in town. To get more information on the program and how you can avail of their free piano lessons online, simply click on the official Rocket Piano website link below:

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emedia piano keyboard The eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Review   How It Works?

Looking for an easy and accurate way to learn to play piano without a teacher?

2 The eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Review   How It Works?

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Product Overview

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method is a software compendium of piano lessons and learning tools. It includes audio, video, recording, and correction facilities. The software is simple, easy to install, can be used with or without a MIDI keyboard and is available for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method includes 316 lessons grouped into 12 chapters, plus an introduction to music theory. They take you from the basic concepts of rhythm and sound direction to extended hand positions, scales, and arpeggios. The lessons start at the beginning stage and progress into the intermediate stage.

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eMedia Piano and Keyboard MethodTopics include:

  • Note Reading
  • Tempo
  • Dynamics
  • Sight Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Intervals and Chords


The software is available in an Educational Edition for school or studio use, a consumer version for home use, or as a bundle with an eMedia USB MIDI keyboard.

The Educational Edition is the same as the consumer version, with the added feature of progress tracking for up to 250 users and a printed Teacher’s Guide. The eMedia Learn to Play Keyboard Pack comes with the consumer version of the Piano and Keyboard Method, as well as a touch-sensitive 49 full-sized key MIDI controller keyboard.

Product Purpose and Claims

Learning to play the piano is often difficult and expensive because it requires a variety of skills, including music reading, finger techniques, and playing by ear. Getting all of these lessons from a music school or private instructor can cost a lot.

Using piano teaching software is a lower cost alternative that also lets you learn at your own pace, with no pressure.

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method describes itself as “dedicated to producing high quality multimedia music instruction software,” and says that their software is aimed at being a comprehensive system to get you started playing the piano quickly and easily.

However, the teaching style seems designed for children or those who prefer to go very slowly. Also, several music experts have stated the the teaching methods employed are outdated, and unless you enjoy oldies and classic soft rock, some of the songs may seem silly.

That aside, this product lives up to its claims by providing you not only with all the theory and lessons you need to get started playing, but by also providing you with all the tools you need to progress.


eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method includes:

  • Over 100 Multi-track MIDI songs
  • Piano Fingering and Guitar Chords
  • 316 lessons
  • Digital Metronome
  • Digital Recorder
  • Interactive Ear Training Exercises
  • Keyboard Feedback

Suitable For

The course is suitable for novice, beginner, and intermediate level pianists of all ages. It can be used at home, or in a school or studio setting.

Operating systems:

  • Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP
  • Mac OS 7.5.3+
  • Mac OS X 10.2+


  • Educational version – $99.95
  • Consumer version – $59.95
  • Learn to Play Keyboard Bundle” with MIDI Keyboard – $149.95


  • Interactive feedback reinforces learning
  • Lessons are comprehensive
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Software covers every beginning piano topic


  • Many songs are “oldies”


If you are looking for a comprehensive, reasonably priced piano learning software course, this product would be an excellent choice.

It comes with everything you need, even if you’ve never touched a piano before.

The simplistic teaching style and old songs may be a put off to some, but in no way diminish the value of the learning experience.

If that doesn’t bother you, consider purchasing eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method. The software’s great and the price is reasonable.

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