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Piano and Music Resources

Since I’ve started Piano-Lessons-Central.com, I’ve come across many great sites related to pianos, piano lessons or music in general. I will add new sites as I find them.

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Learn To Play Piano by Ear!Discover The Secrets to Quickly & Easily Playing All Your Favorite Songs On The Piano By Ear Using The Same Exact System Thousands Of Musicians Are Using To Play Anything They Hear On The Radio In Just A Few Minutes!

How to Systematically Play Jazz Piano by Ear

Piano lessons Online – Learn the piano for beginners at home, a website created by Tammy Widjaja, Piano Music lover who learnt playing from her grandmother.

Music Theory:

How to Develop Relative Pitch – Gain a professional ear for music! Learn how to understand and speak the language of music! Compose and name all chords — BY EAR! For ALL musicians …

General Music:

Gem Bits – Gem Bits has photography, books, music and more, please enjoy.

Unlimited Music Movie Download – A unlimited download website to look for MP3, iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and PC downloads. This site also covers reviews & facts of individual online provider to give readers a modest idea before downloading. Provide latest information on newly released electronic gadgets, music, movies and ebooks as well.

Free Online Music Quizzes – a collection of music trivia and lyric quizzes to play online.

Carnatic Music – Kalakendra is a small but significant effort to expose the hitherto un-projected facets of India’s vibrant tradition. As a portal, it will showcase all that is India is synonymous with – yoga, vedas, bharathanatyam dance, carnatic music, classical indian music – or simply any Indian art.


Start Playing Guitar by reading articles that inform without overwhelming: Guitar selection, buying guides, all about amplifiers, reading TAB and sheet music, chords, care, more… Why wait?

ABC Learn Guitar – Free beginner guitar lessons, plus tips and resources on buying a guitar, songwriting, recording, and creating a music career.

Songs & Lyrics:

Who Sang That Song – Who sang that song? Look up a song in this astonishing listing of thousands of popular songs and who sang them. All popular music types are included: Rock and roll, pop, country, disco, soul, rap, hip-hop, oldies and more!

Christian Music Lyrics – Find Out The Importance Of Christian Music Lyrics And How To Use Christian Music Lyrics For Worship.