Estey Piano – Its Quality, Reputation, and Contribution to US History

by Tania Gleaves on July 18, 2015

A Preferred Standard

The Estey Piano Company is renowned for its grand pianos and for several good reasons. One of those reasons is because throughout its history, the Estey has always held a reputation of high esteem and prominence all over the world. Another reason is the collection of musicians it attracted. You’ll see a certain standard that the Estey piano aspires to and it’s this standard that hundreds of well-known musicians prefer.

Unlike so many other piano makers of the past, the Bluffton-based Estey Company went into the piano business in 1869 and managed to maintain the same quality that it began with. From as early as 1876 on to 1915, the number of awards that this manufacturer rightfully earned defines the degree of this quality that we could never accurately describe in text. These awards include the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition and Sesqui-Centennial~Exposition award, the Chicago World’s Fair award, Italy’s International Exposition award, and San Francisco’s Pan-American Exposition award.

Active Patents Pending

If you’re an expert in pianos, then you should know that the Estey piano is not only known for its function, it’s known for its aesthetics as well. From their very first conceptions, they each make a lasting impression on everyone that lays an eye on their traditional and modern designs crafted in the finest finishes. But that doesn’t mean the Estey piano is impervious to improvement. The company is said to have made significant improvements to the piano building industry as a whole with active patents pending unto today.

One of those patents purports to improve the piano’s sustaining capability and the other makes the piano more responsive to touch.

Interestingly enough, the Estey piano is the product of a New Hampshire run-away orphan named Jacob Estey. At the age of 25, Jacob observed New England melodeon makers (reed organs) in the 1840s and than arranged his own melodeon manufacturing company, “Estey & Green” in 1855.

A Reputation For The Best

For the next one hundred years, the Estey company built a reputation for manufacturing the best instruments – all 506,000 of them – world-wide. The product line included melodeons, pipe organs, and electronic organs, which leant to the company’s stretch of varied names: Estey & Company; J. Estey & Company; Estey Organ Company; and Estey Organ Corporation.

Those who played the Estey piano and other products widely ranged from the young beginning piano student to prestigious musicians playing in New York City’s Capital. Smart investments gave the company opportunities to even build residential developments complete with it’s own “Esteyville” name and community amenities.

The delicate balance between running a business and contributing to culture isn’t always an easy feat. The Estey Company however, managed to sustain its role in the challenge and continue to produce a quality product that fares as well as its foreign rivals. American pianists can share a special sentiment with the Estey piano since it is an American product manufactured and sold in the United States.

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