The Hamilton Piano — An American Pride

by Tania Gleaves on August 14, 2015

An American Piano

When the subject of piano brands comes up in a conversation, often the very first described are foreign. This is an unfortunate beginning for a piano conversation because some of the most renowned pianos were manufactured right here in the United States. The Hamilton is one of those instruments and if you’re going to provide a quality conversation, you’re going to have to address the significant historical contributions of the Hamilton Piano.

Situated in one of the cultural meccas of the nation, the Hamilton Piano Co. factories operate in Chicago, Illinois. If we think about the significance that Chicago plays in the history of music, it isn’t difficult to understand how Hamilton pianos contributed to one of the greatest forms of music that we have today: Jazz.

A Jazz Piano

To a large extent, pianos are often associated with classical music. But Chicago is home to some of the greatest jazz pianists known across the worlds. When we combine the power and beauty of the Hamilton piano with the innovations of jazz, we get a re-awakening of just how wonderful this piano sounds.

Generations upon generations have experienced jazz piano in some form or fashion even if it wasn’t recognized as such. But there really is no other feeling quite like the one experienced with the Hamilton. Its rich sounds, unique to the American ear, only make our appreciation deeper — eliciting feelings that are in a way grounding and endearing.

This is not to say that Hamiltons are exclusive. Very much like other pianos, they have a way of connecting the pianist to the listener regardless of cultural differences even if only for a brief minute, and they have a way of enabling a cross-cultural appreciation as well. Numerous Hamilton-playing jazz musicians enjoy just as popularity across seas as they do on their home turf. This of course, being the result of quality tones coming from quality equipment: The Hamilton piano.

Jazz Or Classical

When it comes to the historical contributions of American musicians and manufactures, the answer seems self-evident. Quality takes precedence over quantity every time and that’s a reality readily evident through this brand. The preference for such is varied, but the end result is always the same: Pure enjoyment.

So the next time you find yourself engaged in a conversation about playing the piano, piano brands, or pianos in general, remember the Hamilton. Not all of the greats emerged from foreign soil. Some of them were born right here on native land!

Whatever debate there may be concerning pianos manufactured in American factories, there can be little argument against the high quality of the Hamilton and all one really has to do to refute this claim is to listen to the music that it makes. There will always be opportunities to enjoy the brand and chances are that once it’s experienced, either as Jazz or classical, those who believe otherwise will quickly sing a different tune!

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