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Basic Piano Scales – Essential, But Easy!

The relationship between full-size compositions and basic piano scales is incredibly strong, for without the scale, we wouldn’t have the wonderful symphonies that we enjoy today. Knowing what this relationship is, there can be little


Beethoven Piano Music – The Story of “Ode to Joy”

Beethoven piano music is known to anyone who has ever taken piano lessons. Ludwig von Beethoven changed the world of music with his compositions for orchestra and piano. Born in 1770, the German composer first


5 Ways Learn Play Piano Techniques

1) Learn From A Teacher One of the 5 ways learn play piano techniques is to learn from an experienced teacher. A teacher is of sorts, a live database of highly trained skills. So having


Use Sight Reading Music To Your Advantage

There are some basic steps on how to develop sight reading music. Sight read music simply means easily reading a music piece and putting it into action right away without exerting much thinking effort because