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Learn the Art of Improvisation At The Piano

Improvisation at the piano typically means making up music as you go along. Is it possible? Yes it is a definite possibility, that’s how great composers make music with their piano. At first, improvising a


August Forster Piano

A History as Rich as the Sound It’s rather uncommon to find a quality product without an accompanying rich history – a history that deepens the way we appreciate the things we use. The following


Know All 12 Major Scales for the Piano

Recall that Scales are the building blocks of music and mastering all 12 major scales for the piano will take you a long way towards mastering playing the piano. In previous pages we told you


Musical Key Signature – The Major And Minor Keys

We have had lessons about musical key signature and by now you already know the differences between each key signature. You have also learned the different techniques on how to easily memorize the different names