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Top Five Ways To Play Piano By Ear

Learn scales and try to pick them out in the music you hear. One of the top five ways to play piano by ear is by learning (at the very least) what scales are and


Relative Pitch – Distinguishing the Framework of Music

The Sound of Chords Unlike perfect pitch, which is the sound of single notes, relative pitch is the sound of chords. A chord is a group of notes that when played together, create a new


Perfect Pitch – How It’s Achieved And What’s Involved

What Is Pitch? To make a long physics lesson short, pitch is the rate at which a sound vibrates. Mathematically, Hz (hertz, or cycles per second) units denote pitch and the faster the vibration —


Ear Training – A Simple Guide to Hearing The Color and Structure of Music

If you have self-studied, as many musicians have, ear training may seem difficult or even impossible. It’s really not impossible or even that hard. There are only two things you need to study ear training