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Beethoven Piano Music – The Story of “Ode to Joy”

Beethoven piano music is known to anyone who has ever taken piano lessons. Ludwig von Beethoven changed the world of music with his compositions for orchestra and piano. Born in 1770, the German composer first


Piano Man by Billy Joel – Music that Captures the Imagination

Piano Man by Billy Joel is considered the signature song of this popular star. Billy Joel wrote the song during the early seventies while he was establishing his career in music. The song, with its


Piano Songs Every Pianist Likes To Play

Piano songs come in all sorts and styles. Every pianist loves to play some now and then, even if you prefer classical pieces. And although a song usually contains vocal parts, many have been rearranged


Chopin – A Look At The Man Behind The Music

Frederic François Chopin (1810-1849) is one of the most popular piano composers of all time who earned the prestigious title of “genius” as a teen. His music included a wide variety of emotions and skills