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Online Piano Lesson Reviews – Finding a Piano Training Program That’s Right for You…

The purpose of  good online piano lesson reviews is to help you separate high quality piano training programs from down right scams. Can online piano lesson reviews really teach you to play piano at home


Piano Suite Premiere: The Ups and Downs

Piano Suite Premier is based on the idea of continuous feedback. The software constantly guides you with an interactive tutor, letting you correct your mistakes before they become bad habits. Designed with the beginner in


Perfect Pitch Ear Training Supercourse

Always wondered about perfect pitch ear training? Want to learn how to identify tones as soon as you hear them? Click Here! Product Overview Burge’s Perfect Pitch Ear Training Supercourse is the only absolute pitch


Play Piano Tonight – Review of Ron Worthy’s Updated Piano Program

Product Overview Play piano tonight is another thorough teaching product from “Mr. Ron” Worthy, a veteran musician and trainer. This program can work for just about anyone who has a desire to learn to play