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Play Piano Like a Pro – Deal or Dud?

Product Overview Learn to play piano like a pro, and get it from a performer and instructor who knows how to get you the results you want quickly. There are three coures in the full


Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Review: Play Music By Ear

Product Overview Burge’s Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse is designed to help all levels of musicians acquire relative pitch, simply through practice, listening and focus. This course is designed for musicians who would like to


Mr. Ron’s Music – The Honest Truth

Product FeaturesMr. Ron’s Music is an annual subscription based musical knowledge compendium, offering access to digital music lessons and resources, and practice exercises. The annual fee is $97 for Web site access, with an ebook


Piano Tricks of the Trade – How Does It Compare?

Product Overview Mastering piano tricks of the trade can take years – unless you have a teacher that knows how to cut through the clutter. That’s the focus behind “Mr. Ron’s” products: Piano Tricks of