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Piano Humidifier – It can save your instrument!

It’s About the Wood Pianos are generally made of wood and no wood is impervious to heat, damp, dryness, or temperature fluctuations. If you have any experience with caring for wood products at all, then


Piano Supplies – The Lamp, Bench, Piano Hinge, and Humidifier

A Gentle Reminder While some people are content with a piano and a bench, there are three additional components that make the piano more comforting and longer-lasting. One often forgets the intricacies involved in the


Making Music With a Piano Lamp

How Did They Ever Manage In The Past?! We really have to wonder how the musicians of the past fared without electricity. Can you imagine having to play piano by candle light or oil lamp?


What Makes A Piano Bench A Perfect Sitting

One can’t help but be curious about the different kinds of piano benches around and of course, which one is the most appropriate. The vast number of preferences is as varied as their price, finish,