Piano Lesson Reviews

There are a lot of clever, convincing sales pitches out there. They all claim to be the greatest secret weapon for teaching you how to successfully play piano.

So what piano lessons are truly the best? Below are the top 8 piano lessons based on our independent piano lesson review reports:

Rocket Piano is a collection of books, games, software, and audio and video files that you can download for a fee or physically purchase through the postal mail. It is simple, easy to install, and the software is available for the Windows operating system.The books offer an extensive crash course in piano playing, covering virtually everything you need to know to take you from beginning level to advanced play.


Hear and Play offers a series of lessons in piano and drumming. The main idea is to teach you how to learn to play by ear – in other words, you hear something you like and can reproduce it without the sheet music.

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Jazz Piano Lessons .com is a high-quality, online membership site it teaches you all you need to know to become a jazz piano musician. Through outstanding video instruction, articles and even the option of downloadable DVD, you will find it fun and easy to tackle one of the most exciting music genres: jazz!

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Power Piano Chords is not your average “Learn to Play Piano” system. This ebook is completely focused on teaching chords, meaning that it devotes the space to details that others may just gloss over. This has ample opportunity to fill the gaps in your musical education.The course consists of a 104 page ebook and complementary online audio files. It is fully illustrated, depicting everything you could possibly want to know about piano chords – and then some. For only .00, a lot of detail is covered.

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Mastering piano tricks of the trade can take years – unless you have a teacher that knows how to cut through the clutter. That’s the focus behind “Mr. Ron’s” products.Mr. Ron believes in teaching one step at a time and having the student repeat the lesson over and over. In this way, the chord or progression becomes imprinted in the student’s mind.

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