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The Digital Piano – An Introduction

The digital piano becomes increasingly popular in today’s society for some pretty sound reasons. If you haven’t giving this sort a serious look, look again. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. This type


All About Your Piano – Types, History, Buying Tips & More

The piano…. There’s nothing as beautiful or as fun to experience as playing this instrument. Just the word itself conjures up all sorts of images of luxury, success, and sophistication. All of this may have


Piano Tuning – The Ins & Outs

Piano tuning means that tensions in the strings of the instrument are adjusted. This is what needs to happen to keep your instrument in tune. This service can be provided to you by a registered


Piano Brands – About Famous Names and Great Instruments

There are many piano brands floating around out there these days. There have been some technological developments in the world of piano that has made the task of browsing through brand names daunting. With some