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Relative Pitch – Distinguishing the Framework of Music

The Sound of Chords Unlike perfect pitch, which is the sound of single notes, relative pitch is the sound of chords. A chord is a group of notes that when played together, create a new


Top 4 Reasons to Learn to Play Piano

The Piano Has Its Own Unique Sound One of top 4 reasons to learn to play piano is the unique sound it makes. No other instrument comes close to the type and quality of music


Perfect Pitch – How It’s Achieved And What’s Involved

What Is Pitch? To make a long physics lesson short, pitch is the rate at which a sound vibrates. Mathematically, Hz (hertz, or cycles per second) units denote pitch and the faster the vibration —


Ear Training – A Simple Guide to Hearing The Color and Structure of Music

If you have self-studied, as many musicians have, ear training may seem difficult or even impossible. It’s really not impossible or even that hard. There are only two things you need to study ear training