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Haines Brothers Piano – There’s A Reason Behind It’s Prevalence

Quality Music Comes From Quality Instruments The theory that quality music comes from quality instruments is exemplified in the Haines Brothers Piano. There are those who will always favor one brand over another, but its


Piano Humidifier – It can save your instrument!

It’s About the Wood Pianos are generally made of wood and no wood is impervious to heat, damp, dryness, or temperature fluctuations. If you have any experience with caring for wood products at all, then


All About Your Piano – Types, History, Buying Tips & More

The piano…. There’s nothing as beautiful or as fun to experience as playing this instrument. Just the word itself conjures up all sorts of images of luxury, success, and sophistication. All of this may have


August Forster Piano

A History as Rich as the Sound It’s rather uncommon to find a quality product without an accompanying rich history – a history that deepens the way we appreciate the things we use. The following