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The Play Piano Roadmap – Your Journey From Beginner To Advanced

Whether you already play piano or want to learn, I’m glad you stumbled across this page. It means there’s one more person out there looking for a better way to add music to his or


Looking for All Seven Modes of Music?

Before we begin our discussion on the seven modes of music, understand that a ‘mode’ is a scale. That simple definition should have already put you at ease in the event the word “mode” sent


Finding Free Piano Music Scales On The Internet

Free piano music scales are combination of ascending and descending musical notes which are grouped together depending on their pitch class and measure of musical distance. It is a bit much to understand right? There


Top 10 Things To Look For In Online Piano Lessons

1. Basic notation. When looking for online piano lessons, one of the top 10 things to look for in online piano lessons is the very basics at the least. While you may think that learning